Money Management Client

I am allergic to taking care of my finances. Fidelicare relieved all my
symptoms! I received professional and personalized services that
kept me worry free.
— Margaret ("Maggie") Whitton Ray, PhD



Fidelicare clients are individuals in need of a high level of care but are still individuals. I have great respect for the professionalism and concern Vic and the staff of Fidelicare exhibit on a daily basis.
— Spike Gram, Senior Care Consulting

Fiduciary Support Services
I have had the pleasure of working with Victor and Sarah for several years now.  When I first sought them out, I was overwhelmed with paying bills and managing the financial accounts for my grandfather. Their assistance has proven to be an invaluable service to me. With reasonable fees and consistent reliability they have taken a huge responsibility off my hands. They are quick to respond to my requests and work with me to make sure that everything runs smoothly for my family. Their professionalism and reliability made it easy to hire them to help with an additional family member once their services were needed. With all the obligations I have in caring for these older family members, to be relieved of this responsibility is a priceless service that frees up my time and gives me peace of mind.
— Michele Bryan
A Fidelicare client writes . . .
Our thanks to each of you for your part in helping us care for our friend. Your expertise, efficiency, and compassion during the guardianship procedures and beyond allowed us to concentrate on our friend as a person.





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